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To decrease the risk of suffocation, put your baby to sleep on a breathable mattress. That way, if they roll over in the middle of the night, they can breathe straight through the mattress. It’s good to share a room with your baby, but don’t share a bed.

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Be aware of your baby’s signals indicating that she is sleepy and always attempt to put your baby into her safe sleeping space while drowsy but still awake. This will encourage self-soothing and familiarity with her bedtime surroundings. Falling into the trap of allowing your baby to fall asleep in your arms is unsafe and will disrupt your routine, derailing your sleep training efforts. Sleep is the number one issue for newborns and their parents.

  • We support Canadian wood and manufacturing wherever possible.
  • My wife and I are on our third child and have another one on the way.
  • Combining an elegant style with lots of functionality, this crib is an ideal choice for any parents who have limited space to work with when furnishing their baby’s nursery.
  • Weight – The assembly directions that came with your baby’s crib will also include a weight limit.

In addition, crib mattresses are also subject to the lead content and lead surface coating limits of 100 ppm and 90 ppm, respectively. For more information on these requirements, please see our Total Lead Content Guidance and Lead in Paint Guidance pages. Portable cribs do not always make them good for travel, but more so for storage. Young parents are often restricted with space and either living with family or in a cramped space. A portable crib will fold to free up space when not in use. You can also set the unit up in any room of the house depending on where you are.

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Baby Bargains’s review of 50-plus crib brands was an invaluable resource during this process. I also looked at the Consumer Reports crib guide as a cross-reference. View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the right crib for soft boy names your family. Baby Furniture Plus Kids has a 35 year history of providing the best in nursery and childrens’ room decor, furniture and gear products. We are local to Columbia South Carolina but ship nationwide and have talented staff on hand to answer most all of your questions. No matter what type of crib or bed you decide to get for your baby, make sure you have everything you need to go with it.

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One way to extend the life of your investment is to purchase a convertible crib. Convertible Cribs – These are cribs that are designed to last your child until toddlerhood, and can be reconstructed into a toddler bed when your child is ready. A cost-effective solution in the long term, convertible cribs also make it easier on your child to transition into a new bed without worry.

The Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changer has 4 different configurations depending on the age and size of your child. Starting as a crib, this model can also be configured as a toddler bed, day bed, or full-size bed frame. For parents who love to travel, you can’t beat the convenience and portability of the Lotus Travel Crib. Even though this crib provides plenty of space for sleep and play, it fits into a compact backpack carrying case when not in use. We especially liked the quiet zipper door on the side, making getting your baby in and out much easier on your back, it’s also perfect for playtime. Many parents we talked to said they were far more likely to go on overnight trips thanks to this crib.

Best Solid Hardwood Crib: Delta Children Bentley S Series 4

Your baby will spend a lot of time in her little bed, so here’s a checklist to ensure you’re getting the safest crib possible. Foundations® has become the world leader in hotel cribs by delivering unsurpassed comfort and convenience. Our cribs are designed with the needs of hoteliers in mind. Our relentless commitment to safety, innovation, and quality has made Foundations the brand you can rely on. Foundations® changing stations are frequently specified by architects. We offer the best overall value and the widest product selection to accommodate every budget and design objective.

Plus, this crib meets all the safety standards to make sure that your baby is free from emissions, and other volatile compounds. We love the classic look on this crib which your baby can keep using until they grow older. This baby crib is also capable of turning into a twin bed, although the conversion kit for that is sold separately. This baby crib readily converts to a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full-sized bed.

With seven colors to choose from, the SKK baby plush stroller toy is carefully and beautifully crafted to aid in your baby’s development. The bright colors are designed to appeal to baby’s eyesight. The crinkled paper tail helps capture your child’s attention and boost the sense of touch. The teether soothes a teething baby and is totally safe to be chewed on. The hedgehog rattle is helpful in enhancing auditory development.