Since the 1920s, Morocco has had a long tradition of welcoming foreign film shootings, from “Mektoub” by J. Pinchon and Daniel Quintin, filmed in Tangier in 1919, to “The man who knew too much” by Alfred Hitchcock in 1955, furthermore “Othello” by Orson Welles in 1952 (awarded Cannes Grand Prix in 1952 as a Moroccan film).

Morocco has been The Chosen location for film directors from all over the world. Over the past 40 years, Morocco has become one of the world’s major film-shooting sites, either for cinema or for television, for big-budget blockbusters or for small-scale productions with a 20% VAT reduction on goods and services bought in Morocco.

Morocco is a film production paradise owing to the exquisiteness and diversity of its locations, its yearly reliably mild climate, the magic and radiance of its light, and the expertise and experience of its technicians. Only three hours from Europe and seven hours from USA, come and discover a vast open-air studio, where the sun shines 330 days a year,. Endless beaches, snowy peaks, lush green countryside, deserts, adobe villages or Art Deco buildings, mysterious riads or modern villas, take your pick…

However Morocco is not a one trick pony, the ever improving infrastructure, unparalleled professionalism and new administrative measures like the one stop shop for online filming applications rightly ensure that Morocco keeps it leading position.

That love story between Morocco and film makers has never ended.