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Costs & Estimates

We have gained experience on countless productions, keeping the costs down and adding high production values at all budget levels, understanding your creative requirements and cut unnecessary costs. Our international backgrounds help significantly to manage cultural differences, integrating local crew with their foreign heads of department.



Send Your Campaign and Ensure DeliveryPre – Production

Pre-production is so important, is where you plan and prepare for the shooting and the completion of your project. We will set up your production base, and provide you with all your necessities for a successful shooting; we believe that a good preparation is the clue to a better production.

Location scouting

Rif film Morocco location managers are constantly ready to go for location scouts complying with various and varied projects requirements. Videos, and pictures could be sent according to your needs.



Filming permit

An official shooting permit is required to film in Morocco. It is issued by the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM). Rif Film will speed up the procedures to obtain all the necessary permits and government authorizations with its excellent relations with CCM, government and police officials

Custom clearance

Simplification of the temporary importation procedures for the necessary filming equipment, and clearing customs with material for filming both on the way in and out of the country



Film crew

Filming in a new environment can be stressful, so we make sure our technically astute, multi-lingual production team are on-hand to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise while on-set
We provide you with an experienced and friendly crew members for your shooting. Giving you access to the best local and international talents and technical crew available.

Transportation & Accommodation

From 5 star hotels & luxury villas to sports cars and planes, we can facilitate your accommodation & transportation needs across the country at very competitive prices



Props & Costumes

A wide access to warehouses based in Marrakech and Ouarzazate where the props and costumes are rented and manufactured according to each project requirements.

Lighting & Grips

A good choice of lighting and grip equipment tare available in Casablanca and Marrakech.




The diverse nature, culture and appearance of the Moroccan people make it an ideal place for casting. To achieve the right effect for your film, we identify and source actors, provide headshot references and facilitate video casting.


We hire the best caterers who will offer luxury catering services that suits your budget. Our food is fresh, healthy and flavorsome, and prepared to ensure you savor the culinary delights of the region.


equipement shooting

Military Equipment & Personnel

We are one of the rare film production services companies in Morocco to have successfully and economically combined the services of the Moroccan military in feature films and commercials

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Our Services

Meeting all your production needs

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